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Adobe Acrobat Pro - Digital Signatures

1 How to digitally sign a document and determine which certificate to use in Adobe Acrobat 1

Notes: These instructions assume there is an existing digital signature field on the form. For instructions on how to create a digital signature field, click here - coming soon!

Mac users: Important - Make sure you are using Adobe Acrobat, not Preview. Also, instructions below are for Windows but are very similar on macOS.


Step 1: Ensure your LincPass is inserted into your card reader.


Step 2: Open PDF document (in Adobe Acrobat) requiring your signature and select the applicable signature field with a red signature flag. (Note: If no signature field exists, you may need to create one. See instructions for that below - coming soon!)


Step 3: You will be presented with the two certificates from your LincPass (PIV for authentication and digital signature). Click "View Details" on one of the two certificates to figure out which one should be used for digitally signing.


Step 4: Important - Figure out which certificate to select. You will want the one with an intended usage of "Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation" and where it says "the selected certificate path is valid."


Step 5: Once you have determined the correct certificate to use, select the certificate and click Continue.


Step 6: Select sign.


Step 7: You will be prompted to save the PDF prior to signing. Select a name and location to save the new signed document and click Save. (Note: It is not recommended to overwrite the original file since you may need to make changes to the document and re-sign. Therefore it is recommended to at least append "-signed" to the filename.)


Step 8: Enter your LincPass PIN and click OK.


Step 9: Your document should be digitally signed and you should see a blue bar near the top of the document indicating the document is signed and all signatures are valid:


Note: If the blue bar has a red X and says "at least one signature is invalid," then the incorrect certificate was selected in step 5.
You must either clear the signature or open the original document and sign again using the correct certificate.


Note: When signing digitally, the date field does not need to be filled in as the digital signature provides the date and time it was signed.







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