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Which passwords and where?

Tip: Having trouble remembering and keeping track of your passwords? Checkout KeePass.


This guide is intended to help you keep your passwords organized. Many users do not know which user accounts belong to which applications/websites.

As USDA, ARS, and NFC are moving more and more toward unified logins, there has been a lot of confusion on what password changes affect what programs.  This list will change as more and more logins are unified.  I will keep the list updated when changes are made.  Below is a brief list of different applications that some of you are using.
For eAuthentication and USDA.net, when you change your password in one program, it affects every program underneath the bold heading.  The Standalone programs each have their own password (ie When you change a password in one of those programs, it only affects that individual program).

1 eAuthentication (LincPass) 1

Change password: https://www.eauth.usda.gov/AccountServices/ChangePassword/Step1_ChangePassword.aspx

  • AFM Customer Service Portal
  • Aglearn
  • ARIS (all applications - CATS, ARIS, ARMPS, etc)
  • CPAIS*
  • Concur
  • eOPF
  • EPP
  • FMMI*
  • IAS*
  • SAMS
  • TUMS
  • WebTA

* = VPN connection to USDA.net is required.


1 USDA.net 1

Change password: https://reset.ars.usda.gov

  • AXON
  • eForms
  • Email (Outlook, webmail, etc)
  • Pulse Secure VPN
  • MobileIron (mobile devices)
  • REE directory
  • SharePoint
  • Umbraco

Note: make sure your username is formatted as the following: USDA\firstname.lastname


1 Standalone programs (each have their own passwords) 1
  • DigiTop
  • Docollab
  • FedID
  • IPP
  • TN3270 (FDW/FFIS)*
  • TSP
  • US Bank AxOL
  • etc...



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